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May 06-07-08, 2020. First Conference of the federation "Federazione Associazioni Ricerca sulle Cellule Staminali" (STEMNET) to which GISM his member!

The STEMNET2020 conference will take place in beautiful Padua, in a wonderful location: "Botanic Garden and Biodiversity Garden of Padua"!

The 3-day program is full of different sessions which will be of interest to all doctors and researchers involved in the production and application of MSCs. Many international guests will be present and there will also be sections dedicated to young researchers looking for grant opportunities! Finally, 3 "Young Investigator Awards" of 500 Euros each will be awarded to young researchers first authors of presented Abstract.

All details will be published on the site:

and in the conference program, here available:

Conference Program (version: 12/13/2019)

The deadline for the presentation of the Abstracts is:

07/March/2020 (the rules for the preparation of abstracts are reported in the "Conference Program")